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Customize your very own bag!

Simply choose an illustration of a bag below, then pick from our fabric choices available, place your order and wah-lah! We will send you your customized handbag by Genevieve Designs. Want more options? Scroll down below to create your own bag from scratch!

Your are unique and your bag should be too! Each handle is chosen to match your bag’s personality. Shapes and color may vary with each design.

“Lauren” $42
14” L x 7” H

“Delores” $48
11” L x 6” H
“Veronica” $54
15” L x 8” H
“Ginger” $72
19” L x 9" H
“Keri” $125
16” L x 10” H
Diaper Bag
Baby Diaper Bag $X
X” L x X” H
Diaper Zip Bag Set
Zipper Bag Set $X
X” L x X” H












Create Your Own Bag

Don't want to choose from existing bags? Want to create your own style with your own fabric? Contact Genevieve for a quote!







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